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Online ISSN 2321-7200, Print ISSN 2348-5604

 International Journal of Movement Education and Sports Sciences,Vol. II, N0. 1, January-December, 2014                                                                   

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Original Research Articles

A Comparative Study of Self Concept among M.P.Ed. and M.Ed. Students of Lucknow University

Dr. K.M. Valsaraj

Comparison of Somatic Tension, Cognitive Worry and Self Confidence of Interuniversity level Athletes

Dr. Joseph Singh

A Study of Effects of Aerobic Exercises on Lipid Profile of Girls Hockey Players

Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma, Jaipal

Psychological Performance among Senior National Athletes of Sports Authority of India

Dr.V. Subramanyam

Effect of Selected Trunk and Abdominal Exercises on Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Diseases

Vijay Kumar

Comparison of Nutritional Status among Rural and Urban Govt. School Boys of Varanasi District

Rakesh kumar singh 

Position-wise Analysis on Performance among Indian Youth Elite Basketball Players

Dr. A. S. Nageswaran

The Effect of Weight Reduction on Body Mass Index, Body Fat Percent and Lean Body Mass among Male Junior National Boxing Campers

Neeta Kumari, Samiran Chakraborty

A Personality Assessment of Elite Indian Female Archers of Recurve and Compound Division

Anjali, Aryavart Dabas, Dr. Dinesh P. Sharma

Study on the Effect of Warm-Up on DOMS

Laxman Singh, Vinod, Dr. Dinesh P. Sharma

Cardio-respiratory Function among Rural School Girls of Rajasthan

Dr. Th. Nandalal Singh, Rajeshwari

Mental Toughness as a Psychological Characteristic between Indian Paralympics Sportsmen and Regular Athletes

 Dr. Neeraj Dabas

An Investigation of the Inter-Relationship of Intelligence Quotient and Its Comparison among Professional Students from Different Streams

Dr. Vikram Singh, Rebati Reddy, Mr. Hasnain Raza

Sodium/Salt Assessment and Its Comparison between Obese and Non-Obese Female Students of Banaras Hindu University 

Dr. T. Onima Reddy, Dr. Vikram Singh, Mr. Sumit Srivastava

BMI and Cardiovascular Efficiency between Combative and Non-Combative Sports persons

Dr. Saini Sonia, Devi Sunita

Stress Vulnerability Comparison among Selected Disciplines

Harendra Singh Sikarwar, Dr. Keshav Singh Gurjar

Comparative Effect of Specific Weight Training on the Performance of Lay-Up & Jump Shot

Dr. Suhel Raza

A Comparison of the Immediate Effects of Eccentric Training vs Static Stretch on Hamstring Flexibility in Basketball Players

Dr. Mandeep Thour

Comparative Study of Mental Toughness between Inter-College Level Pugilists and Grapplers 

Dr. Amandeep Singh

Effect of Speed Endurance Training on Crossing Accuracy in Soccer 

Vijay Kumar, Malkeet Kaur, Dr. Dinesh P. Sharma

A Kinetic Study on Ground Reaction Forces in Landing Conditions after Spiking in Volleyball 

Mr. Sunil Kumar Singh, Dr. Ratnesh Singh

A Comparative Study on Body Mass Index (BMI) as a Marker of Obesity in Sporting Girls and their Non Sporting Counterparts

Kiran Damle

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