Recent Papers of IJMESS 2022

International Journal of Movement Education and Sports Sciences (IJMESS)

Annual Refereed & Peer Reviewed Journal Vol. X No. 1 January-December 2022

Online ISSN 2321-7200 Print ISSN 2348-5604 A UGC Approved & Notified Journal with RJIF Impact Factor .524

Compare the Motor Fitness Components among Different Match Practice Group

Dhananjay Singh,Dr Amar Kumar,Dr Jitendra Kumar Sharma

Effect of Selected Yogic Practices on Anxiety Level of Volleyball Players

Dr. Neeraj Pratap Singh

Relationship of Selected Physical and Physiological Variables with the Performance of Kabaddi Players

Dr. Neeraj Pratap Singh, Dr. Sunil Singh Sanger

Comparison of Emotional Intelligence and Mental Toughness among Cricket, Hockey and Football Players of University Level

Indrapal Singh, Dr. Kulvinder Singh Bagga

Study on Sports Self-Confidence Profile of Runners in Athletics

Ranjeet Kumar,, Dr Ravi Shankar Pathak

Study on Factors Influencing Sports Career among Runners in Athletics

Ranjeet Kumar, Dr Ravi Shankar Pathak