Recent Paper Publication 2020

Recent Paper Publication 2020

Table of Contents
Original Research Articles
A Comparative Study of Physical, Physiological and Psychological Profile of School Going Boys and Girls

A Broad Study on Menstrual Trend among School Girls

Varuni Negi, Monika Ruhil, Dr Parmod Kumar Sethi , Dr Dinesh P. Sharma

Effect of Constructivist Approach in Teaching English Grammar to school Level Female Students of Jabalpur District

Dr. Raina Tiwari, Sarita Sirohi

Linear Kinematical Analysis of Horizontal Poses of Suryanamaskar of Students of Banaras Hindu University

Rahul Kumar Singh, Dr. T. Onima Reddy

Comparison of Selected Physical Fitness Components between Sports Person and Non Sports Person

Harendra Singh Papola, Bhaskar Kumar Tewari , Poonam Tyagi

An Assessment of Participation in Physical Activity among the Elderly Female of Delhi Region

Jyoti Mishra,  Dr. Sandhya Tiwari

Assessment of Psychological Wellbeing of Elderly Women of Delhi Region

Jyoti Mishra,  Dr. Sandhya Tiwari

Electromyographical Analysis of Hamstring Muscles during Sprint Start

Priyaranjana soni, Dr. Vikram Singh

Electromyographic Analysis of Shoulder Function during Executing the Tennis Service in Volleyball   

Dr. Vikram Singh

Correlation of Long Jump Performance and Selected Linear Kinematical Variables of Hang Style Technique in Long Jump

Dr. T. Onima Reddy

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