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Recent Paper Publication 2018

Table of Contents
Original Research Articles
Impact of Mood Status on Perfectionism in Female Physical Education Students in Uttar Pradesh
Impact of Aerobic and Anaerobic Training on Force Vital capacity among Soccer Players with Special Reference to Prakriti (Psycho-Somatic Constitution)
Selected Yoga Poses for Diabetes Patients A –Systematic Review
A Study of Personality as a Psychological Differential between Female Volleyball and Basketball Team Sports Person
Comparison of Cardiovascular Endurance between Sports Person and Non Sports Person
Application of Information Technology in Sports
A Comparative Study on Eating Disorders among Working and Non Working Women
Effect of Eight Weeks Training and Detraining on Selected Physical Variables of Junior National Kabaddi Players
Stabilizing and Strengthening Exercises Using Own Body Weight
A Comparative Study of Psychological Variables and Physical Fitness Components of Female Players between Body Contact and Non Body Contact Games
Electromyographic Analysis of Deltoid Muscles and their Correlation with the Performance of Jump Tennis Service in Volleyball
Correlation of High Jump Performance and Selected Linear Kinematical Variables of Different Phases of Fosbury-Flop Technique
Effect of Induced Mental and Physical Fatigue on Kinesthetic Perception of School Children
The Effect of Mental Training on Selected Motor Performance and Skill Performance Variables among Novice Hockey Players
Effect of Different Velocity of Ball on Speed of Movement of Male Cricket Batsmen
A Study on Anxiety Level of International Male Marathon Runners
Laxman Singh, Dr. T. Onima Reddy
A Study on Self Esteem Level of World Ranking Women Marathon Runners
A Comparative Study of Achievement Motivation among National and State Level Women Basketball Players
Angular Kinematical Analysis of Left Knee Angle in Different Phases of Take-off in Fosbury-Flop Technique in High Jump
Kinematical Analysis of Right Ankle Angle in Different Phases of Take-off in Fosbury-Flop Technique in High Jump
A Comparative Study of Core-Stability among the Medium Pace Bowlers of Various Age Groups
The Relationship between Psychological Variables to Performance in State University Handball Players
Yoga: A Scientific Lifestyle
Comparison of Selected Psychological and Anthropometric Characteristics between Successful and Unsuccessful Basketball  Players
Study of Achievement Motivation and Aggression among Different Level of Aspiration in Athletes of Uttar Pradesh
A Comparative Study of Physical Fitness of Badminton and Non-Badminton Players
Prediction of Cricketers Speed on Basis of Physical and Anthropometric Variables
Attitude of Principals, Teachers & Students of India & Thailand towards a Question “I would take Physical Education only if I were required”
Attitude of Principals, Teachers & Students of India & Thailand towards a Question “Participation in Physical Education makes no contribution to the development of poise”

Morality and Their Comparison among Different Game Players of Uttar Pradesh

Bhasker Shukla

Effects of Bhramari Pranayama on Stress among College Student of Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh

Bhasker Shukla

Comparison of Morality among Non-Elite Players of Uttar Pradesh

Bhasker Shukla

Effect of Weight Training and Circuit Training on Agility of Male Handball Players                                                           

Dr. Shailesh Kumar Singh

Effect of TRX Suspension Training on Lung Capacity of College Going Females

Neetu Singh, Dr. D.P. Sharma

Skill Test and Match Performance of Handball Players

Kiran Damle

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