Paper Publication 2017 (A UGC Approved & Notified Journal with Index no 49003)

Recent Paper Publication 2017

Table of Contents
Original Research Articles
Effect of SAQ Drills on Swimming Performance
Relationship Study of Anthropometric Measurements to Playing Ability of Tennis Players
Effect of Plyometric Exercise on Front Crawl Stroke in Swimming

A Comparative Analysis of Stress Control and Intellectual wellness Assessment of Active and Inactive Boys

Mr. Prashant Tiwari, Mr Himanshu Saxena

Physiological Changes in Female Following One Month of Certificate Course in Yoga

Shazia Rashidi, Sushma Ghildyal 

A Review on Prevalence of Pre Menstrual Syndrome amongst College girls

Mrs. Prem Lata

A Study of Emotional Intelligence among the Footballers and Non-Footballers of Tripura – A Pilot Study

Bharti Nigam

Effect of Specific Aerobic Training Program on Selected Health Variablesamong Women

Mr. Pradeep Sharma, Dr. Dinesh P. Sharma

A Comparison among Pittsburgh Insomnia Rating Scale after Normal Training and before Competition of Female Basketball Players

Sandeep Singh Sokhi

A comparative Study on Anxiety and Self-esteem among Badminton Players

Sanjay Kumar, Dr. Vijay Kumar, Dr. Dinesh P. Sharma

Comparison of Agility between Sports Person and Non Sports Person

Harendra Singh Papola

Effects of Six Weeks Creatine Supplementation on Bench Press Performance among Junior Male Powerlifters

Sunil Lochab, Manish Kumar P, Dr. Madhavi Pathak Pillai

Relevance of Anthropometric Measures on Strength Endurance in Cricketers

Ruchi Srivastava, Atul Sharma, Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Physiological Variables between Attacker and Defender Soccer Players

Mohit Rana

A Survey Study of Organizational Behavior in Physical Education Teachers Working in Various Institutions


Electromyographic Analysis of Deltoid Muscles and their Correlation with the Performance of Jump Tennis Service in Volleyball

Dr. Vikram Singh

Correlation of High Jump Performance and Selected Linear Kinematical Variables of Different Phases of Fosbury-FlopTechnique

Dr. T. Onima Reddy

Assessment of Self Efficacy on Sportspersons and Non- Sportsperson

Meenu Dabas, Ashish Kumar, Dr. Pardeep Kumar

Electromyographical Analysis of Hamstring Muscles during Kicking in Football

Ram Singh Yadav, Dr. Vikram Singh

An Assessment of Occupational Stress among Personnel’s of Different Categories from Banaras Hindu University

Abhay Raj, Ram Singh Yadav, Dr. Vikram Singh

Study of Mental Profile of Wicket Keeper Batsmen and Batsmen of Inter-Collegiate Cricket Players of University Of Delhi

Ashish kumar, Meenu Dabas, Dr. Pardeep Kumar

Construction of Kabaddi Skill Test

Mr .S K. Manjunatha, Dr. S.M. Prakash

A Survey of Physical, Physiological and Psychological Profile of Judo Players

Ms. Monika Goswami, Mr. Vinod Kumar, Ms. Gurusharan Kaur, Dr. Dinesh P. Sharma, Anil Chauhan

Comparison of the Selected Physiological Variables among the Students of the Indo- Gangetic Plain, Coastal and the Himalayan Regions

Dr. Thomas K. M

“An Ornament of the Great Indian wrestling Mr. Sushil Kumar”- A Case Study

Mr. Shailesh Maurya, Prof. B.C. Kapri

Relationship of Kinematical Variables with the Sprint Performance in Athletics

Soni Mourya, Dr. T. Onima Reddy

Kinematical Analysis of First Step Length at Varied Angles of Block in Athletics 

Rudrapal Yadav, Dr.T.Onima Reddy

Compare the Coordinative Abilities of Judokas among Different Weight Categories 

Dr. Neeraj Pratap Singh

Effect of Menstruation Cycle on Cardio Vascular Fitness, Flexibility and Mood State of Selected Female Players

Mr. Alok Kumar, Mrs  Sarita Khatri

Kinematical Analysis of Ankle Angle of kicking leg at different phase of Instep kick in Soccer 

Jagarnath Yadav, Dr. T. Onima Reddy

Comparison of Coping Strategies between Volleyball and Kho-Kho Players

Navin Kumar pandey

Effect of Kapalbhati Pranayama on Vital Capacity and Total Lung Capacity in Long Distance Runners

Krishna,  Dr.N.S.Tripathi 

Effect of Bhramari Pranayama on Vital Capacity among the Cricket Players with Special Reference to Psycho-Somatic Constitution (Prakriti) 

Kunwar Bipin Pratap Bhushan, Dr. Neeru Nathani, Dr. Narendra Sanker Tripathi

Effect of Selected Micro and Macro Yogic Exercises on Respiratory and Breathing Holding Capacity of School Going Children

Suresh Kumar, Prof. B.C Kapri

A Co relational Study on Selected Physical Physiological and Psychological Factors of Women Hockey Players

Ms.PritiTaneja, Ms.Monika Goswami, Ms.GurusharanKaur, Mr. Deepak Kumar, Dr. Dinesh P. Sharma

Effect of 20 Minutes Specific Exercise Plan on Health Related Fitness of School Children

Shazia Rashidi, Prof. Sushma Ghildyal, Veena Tripathi

A Comparative Study of Sports Competitive Anxiety between Interuniversity Basketball and Football Players

Dheeraj Kumar Mishra, Umesh Yadav, Dr. Vikram singh

Relationship between Selected Psychomotor Abilities and Anxiety of 16 Years Male Hockey Players of Varanasi Region

Pradeep Xalxo, Dr. Akhil Mehrotra

Effect of  Yoga on Attention & Concentration and  Cardio-Vascular Endurance of Secondary  School Kho-Kho Players

Dr Adengada A Kushalappa, Dr S K Manjunatha

Body Fat Distribution among School Children at Areas of High Altitude and Low Altitude

Dr Adengada A Kushalappa, Dr S K Manjunatha

A Comparative Study on Mental Toughness of National Indoor Badminton and Outdoor Hockey Players of Karnataka State

Eshwara K A, Vishwanth T , Dr Manjunatha S K

Effect of Suryanamaskar on Selected Physical Fitness Components among Obese Girls

Mr. Pruthvi Raj G D,  Dr S K Manjunatha

Effect of Yogic Exercises on Selected Physical Fitness Components of Female Athletes

Mr. Pruthvi Raj G D,  Dr S K Manjunatha

Comparison of Coping with Adversity among Male and Female Players of Hockey using Athletic Coping Skill Inventory-28
Ms. Gursharan Kaur, Dr. Anil Chauhan

A Comparative Study of Psychoticism of Badminton and Basketball Players

Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh

A Comparative Study of Selected Skinfold Variables of Fast Bowlers of Various Age Groups

Dr.Prashant Bambal

Effects of Various Intensity Training Programs on Cardio-Respiratory Fitness

Bhasker Shukla

A Comparative Study of Anticipatory and Depth Perception Abilities between Racket Game Players

Bhasker Shukla

Assessment through Modern Training Programme of Motor Fitness Components for Racket Game Players

Bhasker Shukla

Comparison of Selected Physiological Variables of Power Athletes and Long-Distance Runners

Kiran Damle

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