Paper Publication 2016

Recent Paper Publication 2016

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Original Research Articles
Self Esteem among Hockey and Water Sports Players: A Comparative Analysis

Amolak Singh Bhullar

Effect of Specific Conditioning Program on Physical Fitness Components 

Pradeep Kumar Sharma

Effect of Seven Week S.A.Q Drill Training Programme on Running between the Wickets among Under-19 Boys

 Neetu Singh, Dr. D.P. Sharma

Pre-competitive Anxiety of ONGC Soccer Players in two Quarters final Matches of Durand Cup – 2011

Hemant Balodi

Effect of Seven Week S.A.Q Drill Training Programme on Under Arm Throw among Under-19 Boys

Neetu Singh, Dr. D.P. Sharma 

Nutritional Status of Adults in Low and Middle Income Strata 

Dr. Vikram Singh, Dr. T. Onima Reddy 

Effect of Training Program on Volleyball Skills of Inter-University level Volleyball Players 

Sudhir Kumar, Jogiswar Goswami, Ajit Kumar

Comparison of Anthropometry Measurements between Basketball and Football Players

Harendra Singh Papola

Study of Self Actualization between the Players of Volleyball and Wrestling Game 

Dr. Pawan Kumar Singh

A Study of Relationship of Obesity with Life Style of Varanasi District School Going Children.

Sanjay Kumar Singh, Prof. Sushma Ghildyal

How to Calculate H-Index of Research Scholar

Amit Kumar, Neetu Singh, Manmohan Singh

Analysis of Self-Esteem among Sports and Non-Sports Delhi University Girls

Bhawana Pachouri, Nisha

A Study of Brand image of Samsung Mobile Phones in the Market of Gwalior 

Asmita Dabas, Amit Sangwan, Dr. Vikram Singh

A Comparative Study of Physical Fitness of Judo Players during Transitional Period and Competition Period 

Dr.(Mrs)Usha Rani,  Payal Sabharwal

Study on Selected Psychological Variables of Basketball and Handball Male Player 

Dr. Xavier Maria Raj

Relationship between Resting Pulse Rate and Anxiety among Hockey Handball and Volleyball Male Player 

Dr. Xavier Maria Raj

A comparative study of Emotional Intelligence between learner and Advance Soccer Players

Dr. Biswajit Sardar

Perceptive Effects of Static and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching on Agility Performance in Youth Soccer Players 

Dr. Biswajit Sardar

A Guidance of Health Fitness and Exercise for Active Adults in Modern Society 

Amolak Singh Bhullar

Comparison of Anxiety level between High and Low achievers Boys & Girls Sportspersons

Dr. Usha Rani

The Attitude of Physical Education Student-Teachers towards Teaching Practice

Malkeet Kaur, Dr. Vijay Kumar, Dr. Dinesh P Sharma

Effect of Resistance Training Exercises on the Selected Physical Fitness Variables of Male Cricket players

Mohit Rana, Dr. Inder Mohan Datta

Physiological Variables between Attacker and Defender Soccer Players

Mohit Rana

Effect of Plyometric Training Combination of Weight and Plyometric Training on Anaerobic Capacity and Speed

Viswanatha T

A Study on the Effect of Continuous Method of Sports Training  for Developmentof Endurance among School Male Athletes in  Andhra Pradesh

Dr Adengada A Kushalappa, Dr S K Manjunatha

Effects of Physical Activity on Chronic Kidney Diseases

Dr Adengada A Kushalappa, Dr S K Manjunatha

Mental Toughness of National Indoor and Outdoor Players of Karnataka State

Eshwara K A,   Vishwanth T, Dr Manjunatha  S  K

Effect of Sand Running and Weight Training on Selected Physiological Variables of College Men

Mr. Pruthvi Raj G D,  Dr S K Manjunatha

Sports Drugs and Doping and Its Impact on College Athletes

Mr. Pruthvi Raj G D,  Dr S K Manjunatha

Women Player in Various Types of Sports and their Relation between Leadership Behaviour

Kiran Damle

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