Paper Publication 2013

Paper Publications 2013

Online ISSN 2321-7200, Print ISSN 2348-5604

 International Journal of Movement Education and Sports Sciences,Vol. I, N0. 1, January-December, 2013                                                                   

Table of Contents
Original Research Articles
Effect of Aerobic Dance Training on Selected Hematological Variables among Ball Badminton Players
A Comparative Study of Anthropometric Profile and Body Composition of Soccer Trainees of Different Ages
Comparative Study on Selected Anthropometric and Performance Potentiality Variables of State Level Male Volleyball Players of two Sub-Junior Groups
A Case Study on Personality of International Cricket Player Naman Ojha
The Effects of Five Week Plyometric Training with Ball on Jumping Set Ability of Youth Setters
The Traditional Sports of Kashmir
Diuretics the Masking Agent: Adverse effect,Therapeutic Use and Misuse in Sports
Effect of Yogic Practices on Flexibility among School Boys
Comparison of Health Related Physical Fitness Components between the Basketball and Volleyball Players 
Comparison of Selected Motor Abilities between Basketball and Handball Players of Delhi
Construction of Norms for Skill Test in Kabaddi

Relationship of Selected Motor Variables to the 400 Meter Performance of Athlete

Dr K.M. Valsaraj

Comparison of Motor Fitness Components among Different Game Players 

Dr. Joseph Singh

Comparison of Body Girth of Judokas at Different levels of Participation

Vinay Bhatia, Dr. Kewal  Krishan

Effect of Plyometric Training and Weight Training on Vertical Jumping ability of Physical Education Students

Rakesh kumar singh 

Impact of Visualisation on Sports Performance

Dr. K.M.Valsaraj

A Study on Mental Toughness of National Indoor Handball and Outdoor Basketball
Players of Karnataka State
Dr Adengada A Kushalappa, Dr S K Manjunatha

Adaptation of Music and sound in Aerobic Exercise and Yogic Relaxation – A Modern Approach in Training

 Dr Adengada A Kushalappa,  Dr S K Manjunatha

Evaluation of Sports Emotional Intelligence among National Male Wrestling Players of Chhattisgarh

 Kiran Damle

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