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Online ISSN 2321-7200, Print ISSN 2348-5604 International Journal of Movement Education and Sports Sciences,Vol. III, N0. 1, January-December, 2015                                                                   
Table of Contents
Original Research Articles
Athletic Intelligence and Different Nature of Sports: an Analysis

A Comparative Study of Balance and Rhythmic Abilities of Indian Soccer Players at Different levels of Participation

Amit Kumar Singh, Dr. Dhirendra Tiwari, Dr. Usha Tiwari

Comparison of Explosive Power between Male Volleyball and Basketball Players

Dr. Xavier Maria Raj

Role of Yogic Practices in Enhancement of Performance Ability of a Sports Person

Dr. Mangalagowri V Rao

An Assessment of Social Quotient and Its Comparison among Professional Students from Different Streams

Dr. Vikram Singh, Randhir Singh, Dr. Vivek Chaudhary

Sport Self Confidence as a Psychological Characteristic between Indian Paralympics Sportsmen and Regular Athletes

Dr. Neeraj Dabas

Effect of Yogic Asanas on Range of Motion at Selected Joints

H. S. Papola, Dr. Shankar Jyoti Basumatary, Dr. Gopal Chandra Saha

Factors Assisting Female in Regular Sports Participation: A Factor Analysis

Farhana Khatoon

A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Physical, Nutritional and Social Wellness Construct of Health Related Lifestyle in Physical Education Teachers

Mamta Bajaj

An Analysis of Exercise Commitment Constructs in Male and Female using Factor Analysis

Adeel Ahmad

Comparison of Sports Morality among Male Cricket Players of Various Levels 

Suyash Shukla, Dr Joseph Singh

Effect of Conventional Teaching and ICT based Teaching in Relation to Learning

Dr. Neeraj Pratap Singh

Personality Traits Differentials between Sports Participants and Non-Participants Female Tribals

Dr. T. Onima Reddy

Descriptive Study of Pre Competitive Anxiety of Shilong Lajung Football Club on different Level of Competition in Durand Cup 2011

Hemant balodi

Effect of Different Types or Warm Up on Pull Ups

Dr. Surender Singh, Dr. Vikram Singh

Changes in Weight Affecting Mood Profile among Male Indian Olympic Boxers

Neeta Kumari

A Study of Perception as related to Gender and Performance of Handball Players 

Dr. Amandeep Kaur

Changes in Psycho-Motor abilities Combining Choice of Reaction Time and Inter-limb Coordination through Yogic Practices

Bharati Rajak, Dr. Rajeev Choudhary

 XIX Commonwealth Games and Its Impact on Tourism 

Dr. Amandeep Kaur

A Comparison of Kin-anthropometric Measures of Low and High Performers in Basketball

Amolak Singh Bhullar

Common Injuries in Sepak Takraw and Its Management

Viswanatha T

Effect of Autogenic Trainning and Meditation on Mental Stress Management among Judo Players

Dr Adengada A Kushalappa,  Dr S K Manjunatha

Relationship of Arm Strength Flexibility and Arm Length Scooping Ability in Hockey

Dr Adengada A Kushalappa,  Dr S K Manjunatha

Sports Injuries & Their Management

 Kiran Damle

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