Instructions to Authors

Instructions to Authors

Title: It should be short, accurate and related to the central hypothesis/idea of the paper/article. Name of the author(s) should follow the title and the institutional affiliations along with the address should be provided on the title sheet as foot note. Please also include the email and phone number of the corresponding author.

Abstract: The abstract should be precise in about 250 words. The abstract is a summary of the main article. It should include a brief outline of only the essential facts of the main article such as the aim/purpose/objectives/hypothesis, method, results, and conclusion.Key words (not more than 4 to 6) should also be given.

Introduction: The introduction should be relevant to specific area of study and may cover findings of the pertinent researches. The aim/purpose/objectives and hypothesis of the research work may be given at the end of this section (with/without heading)

Method: It should cover a brief description of the Participants/Sample, Variables, Tools/ Measures, Research Design,Procedure and Statistical Techniques.

Results: The findings of the quantitative/ qualitative analysis should be provided in this section. Provide relevant facts and the findings may be summarized in the form of tables. The obtained results may also be displayed in figures/graphs.

Discussion:Discussion should begin with the major findings of the research followed by interpretation and discussion of each of these findings in individual paragraphs in the light relevant past works and available theoretical frameworks. At the last the major conclusions of the research should be reported. The authors may also include the limitations of their research and future directions/recommendations in this section.

References:Citations in the text and references must correspond to each other. Give all journal titles in full and not in an abbreviated form, IJMESS follows APA format for references.


Gupta, R., Sharma, D. P., & Kumar P. (1999). Lesson-plan for physical education & sports. New Delhi: RDP Publications.

Singh, V.& Mukherjee, S. (2008). Effect of S.A.Q. drills on skills of volleyball players. Indian Journal of Physical Education, Sports Medicine & Exercise Science, 8 (2), 54-61.

Note:The International Journal of Movement Education and Sports Sciences (IJMESS) printed in Single column format. Please follow the format of present published articles for ready references.

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