Editorial Board

Dr. Vikram Singh

Dabas Educational Welfare Society , DEWS

House no. 9, Near PNB Bank, Village & Post Office Rani Khera,

District North West Delhi, New Delhi-110081,  India.

Website: www.dews.net.inLink: www.dews.net.in/ijmess

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E-mail: delhidews@gmail.com/vkrmdbs@gmail.com/dabasvikram9@gmail.com 

Mob: 7897282065/09453040920 /9455538712

Executive Editor

Dr. Neeraj Dabas

Lecturer, Physical Education Directorate of Delhi, New Delhi.

Joint Secretary, DEWS

ndabas57@gmail.com/yahoo.co.in  Mob.09999920878

Associate Editors

Dr. T. Onima Reddy

Room no 18 Associate Professor,
Department of Physical Education,
BHU, Varanasi (U.P.) India

Vice President, DEWS

onamma2006@gmail.com Mob:8429569624/09453047019

Dr. Vikram Singh, Department of Physical Education & Sports, JNU, New Delhi

Member, DEWS

karanptk88@gmail.com Mob. 9868614409

Mr. Ram Krishan

Member, DEWS

rkyadav23356@gmail.com Mob:09919919597

Editorial Form for Registration as Editorial Board Member & Reviewer Click Here

Patrons Maj. Gen. S. N. Mukherjee IA Retd.Former Vice Chancellor, LNUPE,

Gwalior, M.P. India.

Advisory Board

Prof. Ramesh Pal, Gwalior, India

Prof. V.K. Dabas, Gwalior, India

Prof. Jasraj Singh, Gwalior, India

Prof. Rajender Singh,  Gwalior, India

Prof. S. Mukherjee Gwalior, India

Prof. R. K. Yadav, Jabalpur, India

Prof. S. K. Yadav, Indore, India

Prof. Deepak Metha, Indore, India

Prof. Samser Singh, Sirsa, India

Dr. Kavel Krishna, Rohtak, India

Dr. G. K. Dubey, Lucknow, India

Dr. K. M. Valsaraj, Lucknow, India

Prof. A. K. Dutta, New Delhi, India

Prof. Reta Venugopal, Raipur, India

Prof. S. Mukherjee, USA

Dr. R. N. Singh, Varanasi, India

Dr. Swati, Aligarh, India

Dr. A. Sishodia, Gwalior, India

Journal Management Team

Dr. Vijay Prakash, Varanasi

Dr. Yuvraj Singh, Lucknow

Mr. Deepak Bangari, MP

Ms. Sangeeta Singh, Varanasi

Mr. K. K. Khare, Gwalior

Mr. Manoj Kumar, Varanasi

Mr. Ram Das, Varanasi

Mr. Vijay Bharati, Jharkhand

Ms. Pushpa Reddy, Jharkhand

Mr. Anant, Delhi

Technical Team

Mr. Ankur Gautam, Varanasi

Mr. Bhavesh, Varanasi

Mr. Hasnain Raza, Bihar

Ms. Revati Reddy, AP


Panel of RefereesDr. D.P. Sharma, Delhi, IndiaDr. D. Shaw, Delhi, India

Dr. Ashok Singh, Delhi, India

Dr. Rajbir Singh, Delhi, India

Dr. Pradeep Chikkara, Delhi, India

Dr. Lalit Sharma, Delhi, India

Dr. Vikram Singh, Delhi, India

Prof. Arvind Malik, Kurukshetra, India

Dr. Bishan Singh Rathord , Chattisgarh, India

Dr. Brij Kishore, Gwalior, India

Dr. Th Nandalal Singh, Chandigarh, India

Dr. P. Purushwani, Gwalior, India

Dr. Joseph Singh, Gwalior, India

Dr. Baiju Abhram, Lucknow, India

Dr. Tariq, Lucknow, India

Dr. V. Bane, Jabalpur, India

Dr. Peter, Indore, India

Dr. H. N. Singh, Gaziabad, India

Dr. R. Tomar, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Davender, Varanasi, India

Dr. Kundan Singh, Varanasi, India

Dr. Manicham, T. N. India

Dr. Chahal, Gorakhpur, India

Dr. Jitender Pandey, Gorakhpur, India

Dr. R.P. Singh, Kanpur, India

Dr. Sohil Raza, Kanpur, India

Dr. Mukesh Mitra, Tripura, India

Dr. Arti Dabas, Delhi India

Dr. Jaiprakash Bhukar, Haryana, India

Dr. Sanjeev, Punjab, India

Dr. Mahesh, W. B. India

Dr. H. Papola, U.T. India

Dr. Santosh, U.T. India

Dr. Mukkul Pant, U.T. India

Dr. Ashish Joseph, Kerala, India

Dr. Sudhir Kumar, New Delhi

Dr. Usha Tiwari, Rajasthan, India

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