Report of SMER

Report of the Secretary for the year 2018-19 

  1. The Account of the society was opened in the PNB  Rani Khera, Delhi and All the income of the society was deposited in the Nationalised Bank. Further, The Bank account of the society was operated by the Joint Signatures of Treasurer and any one out of President and the Secretary of the society.
  2. The Permanent Account Number (ADXFS5418A) of the society was procured.
  3. The membership of the society is open to any person who has attained the age of maturity and fulfils the terms & conditions of the society but the subject to the approval of Governing Body. The Admission Fee and the Subscription shall be as under unless otherwise revised by the Governing Body of the society: a)   Admission Fee Rs 100/- at the time of admission, and b)   Subscription Rs 25/- per month.
  4. The web page of the society was developed with for wide advertisement.
  5. The society should publish books, journals, periodicals news letter/paper and other publications for the promotion of Aims and Objectives of the society.

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